Embracing a Strong Web Presence to Grow Your Business

Should your small business be online? With the massive proliferation of the internet, smartphones, and mobile searches in the last decade, more and more consumers are frequently going online and searching for local businesses before making a purchase decision. As a growing number of shoppers make purchases over the internet, businesses are experiencing growth with […]

Embracing the Internet for Business Growth in 2022

In the second part of the embracing digital transformation series, we look at how the internet has transformed the way organizations, both large and small, do business. The global marketplace is more inclusive, connected, and accessible. The internet offers numerous benefits for business development, collaboration, and communication. Today, businesses and organizations use the internet to […]

Embracing Digital Transformation In 2022

The explosive advancement of technology has made the world smarter and more interconnected. This has changed how we live, work, and communicate, as well as how we do business. To maintain business continuity, remain competitive, and improve customer experience, businesses have had to streamline internal processes and operations. The pandemic highlighted the importance of digitalization […]

Do Small Businesses Need A Website?

Most Ugandans are uncertain about whether their independent company needs a website. This is on the grounds that they have misinterpretations, for example, websites are intended for huge organizations. Others state what they do isn’t sufficiently intriguing to have a website in Uganda and some have no clue where to try and start. We are […]

Website Design Feature Checklist in 2020

Preparing to set up a significant website design consider the new standard for 2020 destinations? Here are nine non-debatable principles to execute on your website design. Quick Loading Website – no one needs to join in (and pause and pause) for your site to loads. Configuration settings with speedy loading times for all clients on all gadgets […]

Signs That Your Website Needs To Be Redesigned or Updates?

Here At Pahappa limited, we design corporate websites, a tool that is very essential to promote services/products on the web to businesses and institutions today. We have designed websites for different institutions in various sectors like Real Estate, Health, Education, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Tourism, as well as commodity retail. Here are the signs that your […]

Start Selling online with our Ecommerce Designed Website

You may have been struggling to sell your products and goods, with our Ecommerce website all this is history. Currently, Ugandans online presence is growing fast speed and nobody wants to invest more time in shopping physically. So, there is an increasing demand for e-commerce solutions. Here at Pahappa Limited, we have the skill to […]

Professional Website Designing and Maintenance Services.

In the world, The internet has a population of 4.2 billion users globally, and of these, Uganda has 16 million internet users according to the information on Uganda’s Ministry of ICT website. If you own any business/company or organization, whether big or small, it is high time you get your business online, because every business […]

Advantages Of Responsive Website Design To A Business

Uganda’s leading website design, Mobile application developments & Custom system development Company focused on delivering quality systems, websites & mobile development that is result-oriented with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our other service includes bulk SMS etc.

Creative & Professional Website Design in Uganda 

Here at Pahappa Limited, we design, develop creative & professional website services to persons, start-up businesses as well as large organizations. We design websites from basic 5-page websites (static websites), E-commerce website for a business which wants to buy and sell products online to dynamic websites which are database driven (Custom systems). Over time we […]