Bulk SMS

What is Bulk Messaging?

Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones.

A large number of our population use a mobile phone. Bulk SMS Text Messaging allows you to communicate with your target market using SMS Text Messaging to get your message out quickly and effectively.

Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, notifications, fraud control, reminders, marketing, and also to disseminate information and communication to staff and customers.

Ego SMS is the leading provider of bulk SMS messaging services in Uganda. We are a web-based platform that provides simple, secure, affordable, timely, and reliable messaging services with high throughput to SMEs, non-profit organizations, large Enterprises, and individuals.

Our Bulk SMS messaging platform is web-based with robust and powerful features that allow any client to quickly deploy any SMS service. Our bulk import of contacts, address book merge, reporting, and many advanced SMS features are used by financial institutions, media companies, and consumer brands, for a variety of use cases including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing, SMS for customer relationship management, fraud control, SMS information services, and SMS campaigns.

Why your business needs to use bulk SMS

The benefits of BULK SMS are vast, and vary depending on the nature of each organization/ business. Whether your business is equally new or now a player in your industry, one thing is for sure, you have to use a mass text messaging service.


Your client needs a friendly reminder about schedules or arrangements. A Bulk SMS gateway can be used to inform your customers about the time and location of an appointment or meeting. This improves their perception of the company

Boost Sales

A bulk SMS service is the perfect way to increase sales for your business, as it is an extremely effective way to promote new products and offers.


Receiving an SMS is the best way to notify a client about any interruption to their services for example a system crash or in our case Load Shedding

Confirm Agreements

A mass SMS service is also a great way to confirm a purchase made via one of your sales people over the phone. It can be the perfect way to confirm what exactly has been offered to the customer after a sale has been made

Keep Customers in the know

A bulk SMS delivery service will do just that for you, keeping your customer interested in your campaigns or services. Advertising events or short-term offers by SMS can re-spark interest in your services or products

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