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The UNADA Market Information system aimed at collecting and recording both retail and wholesale prices from Agro dealers and National suppliers respectively across the different regions in the country. This data is analysed and presented to the different stakeholders in a very undestandable visualized manner.



The system provides a Data Collection and Data Analysis module which are modules of our Monitoring and Evaluation System. Users are able to set up their customized data collection tools through which data is collected and analysis is done with in the system. The analysis is displayed through various formats like bar graphs, pie charts, line charts and many others.


The Inventory Management System aims to provides an integrated set of components for managing product stock, scheduling production, distributing stock among the different sales agents, tracking sales agents performance, recording all client data and providing knowledge and information to the stakeholders through reports, analytical metrics and dash board charts . 


This system automates the whole process of waste collection, handling, transportation and disposal process. The system incorporates several components and features to enhance efficient customer onboarding and experience.

Max Dental

The hospital management information system aims at helping Max dental manage all the information related to health care which aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. This hospital management system helps Max Dental to keep patient records, generate reports using various metrics, calculate health workers commissions, schedule appointments, record payments, etc.



This a management information System for real time data tracking, monitoring, evaluation and learning. The romel system enables organizational Structures with M&E Functions, Human Capacity for M&E, Partnerships for Planning, Coordinating and Managing the M&E System, M&E frameworks/Logical Framework, M&E Work Plan and costs, Communication, Advocacy and Culture for M&E as well as Routine Programme Monitoring.


Scripture Union Uganda

The Scripture Union Mobile App is a convenient way to access Scripture Union Uganda’s Bible reading materials and literature. Available for download on the Play Store, the app lets you explore different categories of material, such as Daily Devotions, Popular Books, and Scripture Union News. You can read all of this material in-app, create your own notes, and access your purchased books.