Custom vs. Off-The-Shelf

Greater Flexibility

A custom ERP solution is yours to design, build, integrate and scale according to your organizations’ needs. This gives businesses control over their investment in the long-term, and it gives them complete control over the future of this software.

Custom Fit

Every organization is unique. Rather than altering processes to fit the off-the-shelf software product, an increasing number of businesses is choosing to develop solutions to their particular pain points and bottle necks, as well as the tools that will help them realize their business potential.

Long-Term Payoff

While it requires a sizable one-time investment, custom ERP software has no licensing fees. With its features tailored to optimize your organization’s productivity, this solution not only offers bigger value than off-the-shelf products, it results in long-term savings as well.

100% Ownership

Brand, build, integrate, evolve and even convert into a commercial product – companies that develop their own ERP solution open new opportunities within and outside their organization.

Our Products


EgoSMS is a standard bulk short message (sms) platform that allows our clients to quickly deploy short and important messages using SMS communications. Our SMS platform allows for SMS API integration, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS campaigns and much more. We offer several solutions for sending and receiving SMS messages. Once a user is registered on the EgoSMS platform, one has unrestricted access to all of offering within the platform.

Monitoring & Evaluation System

Our M&E solution, also synonymous with Performance Management Information System (PMIS) solutions help organizations assess and manage performances so that the right improvements can be made. Our solution assists in providing reports for decision support, learning and data supported reporting to stakeholders.

Due to the nature of monitoring and evaluation, there is a great deal of data that involved. The areas that much of the work is monitored from have good internet connection, our system therefore provides data entry both online through a browser web-based application and offline. For offline use, required tools are provided through a mobile App. Using our M&E system will help your organization manage vast amount of data and information from one place, become more transparent, and ease information retrieval and access based on user rights and permissions. The fact that our solution is also web-based, users can access the data in real time for purpose of generating reports and support learning and strategic planning


The customer-relationship management (CRM) module gives sales people the tools to manage multiple deals and contacts effectively

CRM gives sales managers the tools to track their team’s performance whether goals are achieved, being able to change course or direct attention where and when it is most needed before its already too late. Working in the cloud allows sales managers to assign deals to specific people with just one click, making sure everyone’s up to speed with what they need to be doing.


The finance module helps an organization to govern its income, expenses and assets with the objectives of maximizing profits & ensuring sustainability.

E – Procurement

E-procurement is a collaborative process of acquiring goods, works & services using electronic methods between awarding authorities and suppliers. The process of e-procurement covers every stage of purchasing from the initial identification of a requirement through the tendering process to the payment and potentially the management of the contract.



This module handles the life cycle of the staff members in an organization. From recruitment of a staff member to deployment, time & attendance, payroll, benefits management, assessment & termination. Capacity development programs are also included.