Custom Software vs. Off-The-Shelf

Greater Flexibility

A custom software solution is built according to your organization’s needs. This gives businesses control over their investment in the long-term, and provides them complete control over the future of the software.

Custom Fit

Every organization is unique. Rather than altering processes to fit the off-the-shelf software product, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to develop solutions to solve their particular pain points and bottlenecks, and help them realize their business potential.

Long-Term Payoff

While it requires a sizable one-time investment, custom ERP software has no licensing fees. With its features tailored to optimize your organization’s productivity, this solution not only offers bigger value than off-the-shelf products, it results in long-term savings as well.

100% Ownership

Brand, build, integrate, evolve and even convert into a commercial product – companies that develop their own ERP solution open new opportunities within and outside their organization.