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– July 9, 2022

As we recover from the pandemic, people are resuming travel after being stuck home for a long time. According to the Online travel agent market size from Statista, the online travel market dropped by 20% in 2020, but it’s expected to grow by $820 by 2023. Most importantly, people realized how fickle life is thanks to the pandemic, and this made them want to experience more things in life. Additionally, more people started to use the internet more than ever. Online bookings of hotels, tours, and activities have become more common compared to pre-pandemic days. Travel and leisure companies are increasingly getting involved in having travel websites to facilitate this new kind of demand.

With that in mind, having a website doesn’t guarantee success. Many travel companies have already got websites, so you have to go beyond just having a website to differentiate yourself from the competition. So, what makes a travel agency more successful compared to others in this Digital frontline?

Since Pahappa specializes in website development, it would be a huge miss if we do not give you some tips to improve your travel websites or develop one for you. To get started, here are a few tips you can use to beat the competition and stand out.

  1. High-quality media content
  2. Highlight sensitive content
  3. Employ smart use of design elements
  4. Accessibility and usefulness
  5. User experience and interaction

High-Quality Media Content

This is not something that you simply should skimp money on. You need to invest in prime quality media content that may truly impress your potential customers. Minimize the use of stock photos or just avoid them. Avoid photos with low quality. This applies to social media channels as well. Seek the help of professional photographers if you want to get your photos and videos professionally edited before posting them online.

Always try as much as you can to include this media content on your website to enable you to build trust and excitement about your services while offering travellers the opportunity to share what they expect from your services.

Highlight Sensitive Content

Update your website’s content depending on the season or for a few upcoming big events such as the recent International Film, Music and Arts Festival of Bayimba and many more. The highlighted time-sensitive content should have an obsessive section on your website that may easily catch users’ attention and build a way of urgency and excitement. It’s a good practice to research places, restaurants or cities that are promoting events on the internet and begin planning accordingly.

Employ Smart Use of Design Elements

Upon having your website loaded, entice your visitors with something that captivates each visitor’s attention depending on the season and makes them want to travel more. But this shouldn’t always be the case. Use fonts that are readable and comfortable for your customers and arrange them stunningly.

Accessibility and Usefulness

Nothing beats a well-organized and neat website. If you have different kinds of offers that you simply want to convey like great deals sections, stunning places to go to section, an about us section etc, you will need to thoroughly research your content and organize it on your website to make sure your visitors don’t wander off.

Remember the rule of three clicks. make sure that your clients can find what they are searching for within 3 clicks from whichever page they land on your website. Utilise tabs and sticky navigation whenever possible to make sure that the clients don’t seem to be bombarded with an excessive amount of information while having the flexibility to access what they have without much hassle. This way, they’ll focus more on what you are offering than on pondering a way to get out of your hassle website. Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder, don’t sacrifice usability for beauty. Give your users an excellent experience on your site and that will guarantee gaining more loyal patrons who will return again and again.

Just like how newspapers tell the news, keep a hierarchy of thoughts and knowledge on your website. This way, what’s more, important and appealing can easily make it to the eyes of your customers and captivate their interests. What’s less important stays probably within the lower section of the page so you’ll have more space to get out stuff. Remember that what a visitor views first could tell a lot about your website.

User Experience and Interaction

Keep your users in mind, and ensure that as they are doing their “paper works” they’re going to feel less burdened and hassled as compared to them doing it physically. After all, this is often the reason why people go to a website due to the convenience it can give. Upon doing all of your effort in ensuring that your checkout or booking page isn’t complicated, confirm also that you simply don’t miss any important details along the way. Convenience is your goal, so ensure that your customers won’t experience any hindrance even on busy days.


As you post your deals and costs, it’ll be extremely helpful if you can properly break down the prices to ensure there aren’t any hidden fees that will damage your reputation and your future business. Many, if not all, search for reliable service providers that don’t try to use marketing tactics that try to lure in customers by offering low prices and later surprise them with hidden fees after being committed to the services. Make travellers as comfortable as possible when using your service.

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