Questions To Ask When Hiring A Website Designer in Uganda.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Website Designer in Uganda.
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– June 18, 2019

More people are looking into hiring a website designer, to get a professional and well-coded website. Before investing the time and money in this service, there are several important questions to ask. Let’s dig in ……

Do you handle all development work internally, How big is your team, How long have they been working together?

Some design companies do not have internal development teams. This is typically a sign that the person selling you the website doesn’t understand the technology that drives your website. Additionally, having a middleman between you and your developers is a recipe for disaster. Make sure the firm you hire has its own staff of web developers. Additionally, it takes years for a team of developers to settle on a set of technology and become experts.

Do they implement SEO best practices?

Everyone wants a website that can be found on search engines. Implementing search engine optimization may be what you want your website designer or developer to do for you; however, site may be designed without the best SEO strategy. This makes it a great question to ask and see if the person you’re interviewing is familiar with how to code to meet SEO standards. Here are a few items that affect SEO best practices:

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets
  • Script files:
  • Web page content

What is their Creative Ability?

Strangely enough, experience and talent do not go hand-in-hand! Just because a designer has spent years designing, it doesn’t make them a pro. The best designers have a natural gift to see colors and shapes. Web designers must also understand how a user interacts with a site. In order to ensure a quality designer


Will the site be responsive? Will it work on mobile devices and tablets?

Over 50% of all websites are now viewed on mobile devices. Your website should be built on mobile-ready. These days, that means that the site is “responsive.” In other words — the site design changes (response) to the dimensions of the screen on which it is viewed.

What’s the estimated timeline to build this site?

This is another good item to ask references about. What timeline did they give the client versus how long it actually took to build the site? Speed for development also goes back to question #1. A team that has worked together and on the same technology has probably encountered most bugs and can work

How do they handle support requests?

A website is like a car. It requires ongoing maintenance and support. Every single day the world wide web is changing. Web browsers are being updated, new viruses are being born and new functionality is being introduced. Your site may function beautifully today, and be broken tomorrow. You need to prepare yourself for ongoing costs

How do you track the success of your websites?

There are many ways to track the success of website deployment. Success may be traffic, conversions, sales, etc. Whatever your metric for success is, make sure that you have ways to track it and make sure the firm you hire includes that in their proposal to you. When the website launches, it should already be built into the site

Can they show you some websites they have done before?

A reputable designer or company will be more than happy to share their portfolio of past designs, or even offer testimonials from the customers who received these designs. If you receive any resistance here, it’s time to look for another website designer.

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