Why You Need A Website No Matter Your Industry. 

Why You Need A Website No Matter Your Industry.
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– May 15, 2019

Consumers Won’t Consider A Business Without A Website

Your website is your number one advertising asset because we live in a digital age. According to the study Ugandans spend on average 23.6 hours online per week and are on their mobile phones. By now, consumers expect companies to have an online presence (including a website) and will consider a company

People Are Looking For You Online.

The major advantage of having a website for small businesses is to be where your consumers are. There’s a reason so many companies invest in a website with SEO.  A good percentage of people go online to find a local business, Clients begin with a search on the search engine to believe it or not, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, and at this very minute, there is someone in your area online and looking for your exact service Guess who’s getting their business? Your competitor

Many Consumers Use Websites To Find And Engage With Businesses

According to “The Digital Consumer Study,” 63 percent of consumers mostly use a company’s website to find and engage with businesses. That’s a good number of consumers.

Consumers Admit To Making Judgments On A Company’s Credibility Based On The Company’s Website Design

Not having a website makes consumers trust you less. Beware, though—if you have a bad website design, it won’t help you at all. You have 10 seconds to leave an impression on website visitors and tell them what they’ll get out of your website and company

Need To Answer Basic Questions Quickly.

This is especially true for Business-to-Business companies. People visit your website when they want to know something or do something. They also expect immediate satisfaction, which means visitors should be able to answer three questions within three seconds of landing on your website:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do/offer?
  • How do I contact you?

We live in an age of NOW, where consumers want the information they seek immediately—meaning your company’s website should answer each of the questions above without the user needing to scroll down the page at all.

It Will Help You Beat The Giants In Your Industry

A website can help you beat the Goliaths in your industry? It can if it’s optimized for search. They compete heavily with big-box stores but have no worry holding their own thanks to their website and their prominent position in the search results page.

Social Media Reach Is Diminishing

So, you think you don’t need a website because you’re on Facebook.  Great, so is every other business in America. You need a website even if you have a Facebook page.  While social media can help your business grow, don’t bank on using it as your sole marketing channel, especially in the future.


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