6 Standout Features of Business Intelligence You Should Know

6 Standout Features of Business Intelligence You Should Know
– October 11, 2022

Effective use of business intelligence and analytics makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business today. Why? Every industry is changing and getting more competitive, therefore using business intelligence and data analytics effectively is essential to innovating and staying ahead of the competition.

For instance, traditional advertising and marketing techniques, such as TV, radio, and print commercials spend a lot of money, and ROI is hard to measure. With the emergence of digital media, advertisements that aren’t directly targeted to consumers are no longer as effective as they once were as consumers have grown immune to them.

The businesses that are the most effective at both B2C and B2B marketing create hyper-specific campaigns that reach out to targeted prospects with a tailored message using data and business intelligence tools. Every campaign is tested, and the successful efforts receive further funding while the unsuccessful ones are not repeated.

Why is business intelligence so important?
Business intelligence is primarily used to assist top executives, managers, and other operational staff members to make better-informed decisions that are supported by reliable data. It helps businesses identify new business prospects, make cost savings, and optimize inefficient processes.

BI software employs algorithms to extract useful and actionable information from data and inform a company’s strategic choices. Business intelligence (BI) dashboards display data and reports of various kinds to simplify and make more approachable and difficult information for end users. Business intelligence is also commonly known as “descriptive analytics”. It simply displays past and present conditions; it does not offer recommendations for action. The executives are still in charge of deciding what actions to take next.

At its core, business intelligence is meant to help businesses “test, look at the data, and adjust” processes. Using data to have a clearer understanding of reality, allows your business to make more informed strategic decisions (instead of relying only on gut instincts or assumptions).
In the end, business intelligence and analytics are much more than just tools for data collection and analysis. They center on adopting an experimental attitude and being open to letting data inform a company’s decision-making process.

What are the benefits of business intelligence?
Business intelligence and analytics have a wide range of advantages, but they all share one thing in common: they bring power to knowledge. Any business unit they impact has the potential to significantly change your company and your company practices. Here are some of the top business intelligence advantages:

1. Make informed strategic decisions
2. Identify trends and patterns
3.  Drive performance and revenue
4. Improve operational efficiency
5. Find improvement opportunities through predictions
6. Smarter and faster reporting

Business intelligence and analytics lead to greater ROI
Business intelligence is essential for tracking business trends, detecting key events, and having a complete overview of what’s going on within your organization with the help of data. Process optimization, Improved operational effectiveness, new revenue generation, and better organizational decision-making are all vital.

The corporate environment today is highly competitive. Fortunately, businesses now have the tools to manage their data effectively thanks to advancements in business intelligence technologies. Business intelligence tools give organizations a centralized view of the most crucial information they require to stay ahead of their rivals. Furthermore, giving employees a visual representation of how various areas perform and allow them to use the information for decision-making.

If you’d like to take your first step towards getting clear insights into your organization’s performance, contact us today to learn what Pahappa can do for you.

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