About Us

We are a team dedicated to realizing your project vision

Pahappa Limited is an Enterprise that develops and sells Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
Our products help automate businesses with high volume transactions using accessible tools like mobile phones. Pahappa has delivered a range of tailor-made information electronic and embedded system applications to our esteemed clients since 2018. We take pride in our keenness to research, listening and understanding the unique requirements of each business and institution to deliver the best product. With this, we have achieved long-term relationships with our clients which has served as a solid foundation for our company. Our customers range from corporations, schools, NGOs, resellers and individuals. We believe that a good solution is one which is reliable, affordable & sustainable.

We Provide Truly Exclusive Software Solutions

As a knowledge-based organization, we develop customer-centric strategies and deliver the highest quality services at the most competitive pricing. We are dedicated to providing a great solution for each of our clients.

Whether you’re looking to use technology to reduce expenses, or as a foundation re-engineering your business operations and creating a competitive advantage, Pahappa can guide you through to a successful outcome.

Our solutions are tailored to your unique business needs, and we leverage the latest technologies to deliver your desired outcome and reduce long-term expenses.

Our Vision

To make African businesses more competitive and effective in this globalization era through software.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, affordable, customer-centric software and offer strategic value to our customers.

What's Different About Us

Our services emphasize on well-defined project planning and leave nothing to assumption, avoiding miscommunication. We jot down how we are going to proceed further, define detailed technical specifications, devise the design & branding guidelines of the project, and get confirmation and approval from the clients’ end on the documents and materials.

Our culture at Pahappa is driven, enthusiastic and collaborative

 Our staff enjoys working at Pahappa because they like the team, work, and the emphasis Pahappa places on quality work. We’re incredibly proud that as we’ve grown, our culture has remained steadfast. At its core, Curiosity, Honesty, Selflessness, Down to earth, and an impatience to achieve is at the heart of our culture.

Partners and Clients