Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

– August 15, 2022

Even though people still access the internet from a desktop computer, mobile applications have become the go-to tool for information access over the internet. This is because mobile phones are easy to carry around as compared to computers. Having an application is one of the best ways to provide value to your clients and this, in turn, increases revenue.

The purpose of starting a business is to make profits and this means using the available means necessary to realize it. Developing a website is one of the ways but there is a downside to it as it needs to be accessed using a browser by typing sometimes lengthy URLs. Having something that is constantly in the palm of a customer is the best and easy option. This is why businesses are continually innovating around mobile applications because they are readily available for the customer with a simple tap of an icon. Having a mobile app offers benefits such as;

  • Direct message communication
  • Lessen buyer journey
  • Build a strong brand value
  • Cost-effective
  • Personalized experience

Direct Message Communication

This allows direct communication between potential customers and your business. Online buyers in most cases need assistance to complete a purchase. This may be due to unfamiliarity with the technology or they may need more information about a particular product before buying. In-app direct messaging makes it easy for them to contact someone while buying to enable them to get answers without leaving the app.

Lessen Buyer Journey

Gone are the days when a customer had to visit a shop when they wanted to purchase something. Due to the increasing use of technology, they were then able to choose what they wanted to buy by simply finding a computer. The best part of mobile apps is that you can now take this evolution a step further by making it easy for them to buy from wherever they are. Mobile apps are generally faster and readily available. And there is no more need for them to come to your shop or even go to your website because they only need to open the app to access what you are offering.

Build a Strong Brand Value

To help drive sales at your business, ensure that you provide a positive in-app experience. Having an app puts your company or industry in the same category as the larger businesses and it provides more brand visibility as customers can easily engage with your brand in more ways.


The moment a customer downloads your app, you don’t need to pay anything to get in front of them. This is because you can easily send them to push notifications, offers, or messages promoting your business as often as necessary at no extra cost. You can compare this to advertising or billboards and see what works best for your business.

Personalized Experience

An app provides a personalized experience for customers. You can set notifications using geolocation technology to ensure a client receives a notification when they are close to your business. You can create client segments and tag each client depending on these segments to provide more relevant content. This means that a customer can only receive offers on products they have bought before or are interested in without sending out generic information that may turn out to be disturbing.


Whereas I have highlighted the most important benefits of an app to a business, it is worth noting that there are other benefits such as increasing brand engagement, ownership of data, creating a direct and constant marketing channel and customer loyalty, having a competitive edge in your niche and having more control of your business while having the opportunity to provide unique features and services.

While looking for ways to improve your business processes and boost profits, a mobile app may just be what’s missing. In today’s world, online traffic is dominated by mobile devices, and getting an app for your business will put you in the best position to take advantage of this trend. There is an assumption that mobile applications are expensive to build but this is not always the case. At Pahappa, we work with you throughout the development process while guiding you to come up with an app that suits your needs. Our team is always on standby to help you achieve your vision.

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