How a Mobile App Can Improve Your Brand Identity

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– June 14, 2022

Mobile apps have become so common but more importantly a necessity. There’s a good reason why everyone and everything has an app. Whether you don’t think you’ll make many sales through an app, there are certain things that each company needs, which will be delivered easily through an app. For instance, support your clients! With a mobile app, your clients can contact you directly. Also, you’ll automate many aspects of customer service. Many clients now expect this level of service, so the implications of not providing it are severe.

If you’re doing well, your clients will likely give positive reviews. If they require something that needs to be addressed, you should provide a way of easily mitigating their challenge. An app provides both. One of the most important aspects is that a mobile app allows you to create a powerful brand that is always within the reach of a user.

A mobile app can facilitate the improvement of your brand identity in various ways including the following;

  • Covers all channels of communication
  • Differentiates yourself from other brands
  • Creates a more robust level of communication
  • Provides timely updates

Covers All Channels of Communication

The relationship between clients and brands was quite distant. Clients were happy to purchase goods and services from the most affordable or closest supplier and viewed this transaction strictly in economic terms. But today, they expect a more human relationship with companies they are doing business with.

Integrating your business into social networks may appear like an obscure way of boosting your sales, especially if you’re in a very well-established sector, but this isn’t the case anymore. Allowing your clients to share positive experiences is one of the most effective marketing tools.

Differentiates Yourself From Other Brands

About being visible, what could be the most convenient way to be on the home screen of your clients all the time? You can easily inform your clients of all the products you have on sale. This means that your clients can easily know about all the new products you have in stock via your app.

Encouraging them to order products or services through an app not only saves you both time but may also provide a chance for them to explore services and products associated with their core interests.

Providing them with a higher level of convenience in ordering goods and services can easily encourage brand loyalty. This is because clients want a straightforward way of ordering products and services and a well-developed app can easily provide this.

Creates a More Robust Level of Communication

Clients expect a brand that seeks to answer their questions and desires as soon as possible.  They also expect companies to be available on platforms that are easily accessible to them. Having a mobile app allows companies to showcase positive customer experiences, respond to criticisms, and most importantly improve their communication with their clients. An app is an effective way of doing this by encouraging clients to share their thoughts.

Provides Timely Updates

A mobile app serves as a client-engaging facet of your web presence. Once the client has your app, you easily access what they are interested in based on their preference. When developing a mobile app, you should pay attention to speed and fast delivery depending on the industry you are in. You need to understand the best practices for mobile app development for a given industry before you can start building your app. At first, your app may not look beautiful, but it will be functional.

You’ll even be able to clearly define what to incorporate in your app as you go along. Don’t develop a mobile app that cannot cater to client feedback as this can prevent you from understanding their ever-changing needs over time but always try to keep it to a minimum.

In your app development, always embrace the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by creating better designs. The best way to speed up your app development to deliver an MVP is by creating wireframes, sticking to native designs, following agile development, and planning a design review. This will surely save you a lot of time in your development process.


Being active on social media allows brands to showcase positive customer experiences, address criticisms, and improve communication with clients. A mobile app provides a more effective way of doing it as it offers tailored experiences to each individual with the app on their phone.

Additionally, having a mobile app brings benefits in terms of direct marketing campaigns. This can be done by integrating push notifications into clients’ phones. In the end, using an app for communication will always give clients multiple options to contact you.

Developing a mobile app can be complex, especially in areas where requirements are not clear and it is difficult to anticipate changes in the market. Luckily for you, Pahappa is here to address those challenges. We have developed websites, custom systems, and mobile applications for clients from different industries. Contact us by sending us a direct message to help you get started on developing your mobile application.

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