How to Design a Media and News Website

How to Design a Media and News Website
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– May 3, 2022

During the infant days of the web, many news organizations tried to copy their print publications directly online without considering how the requirements of digital readers would differ from those reading newspapers. Those days are behind us now.

Although usability issues still exist on publisher sites within the style of sticky Ad overlays, in recent years, news organizations have invested plenty in making their sites user-friendly. To own a good news and media website, the subsequent design elements and approaches below should be considered.

  1. Efficient long-scrolling pages
  2. The significance of content hierarchy
  3. Focus on shareability
  4. Stickiness
  5. Mobile-friendliness

Efficient Long-Scrolling Pages

The best employers of long-scrolling web content are news sites. This approach works well for news websites because users tend to deep-scroll through a webpage until they find what captivates their attention or an editorial that interests them, rather than being forced to click around until they find what they need. Deep scrolling offers an immersive experience that encourages content discovery. BBC news website incorporates a nice deep scrolling homepage with such a lot of content to satisfy any reader.

Deep-scrolling pages is an intelligent approach in cases where a website’s focus is content discovery or where a story about something is being told.

The Significance of Content Hierarchy

Have you ever had the experience of visiting a news website and feeling overwhelmed by content competing against one another then you opt to leave the site altogether? Lack of content hierarchy is an element of the rationale for a foul user experience. The eye of the reader must be directed toward important information while taking into consideration the layout of the content that ought to make it easier for a reader to digest information.

This means that the foremost significant consideration to make while designing a news site should be to make sure that content is discoverable. An enormous think about discoverability is whether or not users can interpret the content being delivered to them. Content hierarchy directs the user’s eye and signals where they must focus their attention.

Focus on Shareability

If you have gone to any news website or a blog, I’m certain that you came across social media icons that urge you to share a selected story right at the tail end of it. Publishers make sure that readers can easily share their stories and they do that in an appealing way. They know that the more broadly their content is shared, the more visibility they’re going to have and therefore the more readers they’ll acquire.

Shareability as a way to discoverability could be a fact major news sites know very well. An enormous part of ensuring your content is successful is in helping it get discovered. This is often something anyone who produces content is cognizant of.


Constant updates are what make readers return to a selected website. Take social media, as an example, they’re very sticky because users constantly post new content and updates. Those updates make users feel the necessity to return frequently to seek out what’s new. A user can scroll a social media page for hours without logging out.

Stickiness refers to a website’s ability to urge readers to return more often. A bit like social media sites, a very important aspect to think about while designing a media and news website is stickiness. You ought to make sure that your website always has fresh content throughout the day to enable people to return more frequently. Your design should be around enhancing the stickiness of your website. It’s important to incorporate how way back a story was posted to tell users how old the story is.


Media and news websites are far and away from all the foremost content-heavy websites and it’s a large undertaking to work out how they will be designed for maximum utility on mobile devices. More than 50% of your readers will be accessing your site using mobile handsets so optimizing your news website for mobile devices is a good consideration. Whereas major news providers have apps, apps only serve users who are devoted enough to download them and this suggests that a mobile-optimized website could be a necessity.

The goals of a media or a news site are to present content of top quality in an exceedingly way that is easy and interesting to read and to make it easy for users to search out what they’re curious about. The goals of media and news websites are closely aligned with the goals of most websites no matter the industry.

Designing a media and news website is one of the foremost significant undertakings that emphasizes that a reader’s needs are put first. Failure to contemplate the behaviour of a reader will negatively impact the performance of your website leading to bounce rates thanks to frustrations from readers.

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