How to Design a Non-Profit Organization Website

How to Design a Non-Profit Organization Website
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– June 6, 2022

Non-profit organizations prevail on the strength of their ability to speak their message and build a loyal and committed audience. Creating a non-profit website plays a key role in helping your organization achieve these goals.

Developing an internet site may be a good way to spread the word about your organization. You’ll be able to use it to share information and make persuasive arguments and convince people to participate in your campaigns.

If you are not sure how to begin, we’ll share everything to help you get started on your non-profit website.

  • Clearly define your mission
  • Use the right content to draw in supporters
  • Make a donor-friendly website
  • Simplify volunteer recruitment
  • Integrate visual storytelling
  • Make your website mobile-responsive
  • Connect your site to your social media

Clearly Define Your Mission

You have a mission or goal you’re working to achieve, right? When a supporter finds your website, make sure they find your mission statement easily. Is your organization championing the right to education? Include imagery and testimonials from learners who have benefited from your organization. Are you working to support girls? Make it stand out.

The goal isn’t to win people over or defeat other organizations but to ensure your organization’s brand and identity are obvious to people who could also be coming to your site for the first time.

Use the Right Content to Draw in Supporters

You have about 10 seconds to create an interaction with your supporters once they land on your website, so make it interesting. Encourage them to assist you to create a change.

Make content interactive. You could do this by having a section where site visitors can share their opinion as well as queries in case they want to know about something.

Make a Donor-Friendly Website

Make it easy for your donors to donate from your website because fundraising is often at the core of any non-profit. Always attempt to keep supporters only one click off from your donation form irrespective of where they’re on your website.

Another donor-friendly element to contemplate is the login process. Many organizations are giving donors the choice to make accounts on their websites so supporters can save payment information, easily set up recurring gifts, and many other ways.

Simplify Volunteer Recruitment

If your organization requires many volunteers, think about how volunteering opportunities are integrated into your site. Make it easy for volunteers to apply for opportunities once you make them available. You don’t have to limit volunteer supporters to in-person opportunities only.

In fact, by offering virtual volunteer opportunities, you’ll open up opportunities to people who regularly engage with your cause.

Your team can create targeted actions to offer your supporters engaging digital volunteer opportunities.

Draft petitions or channel your social media calls to action to widen your base. Leverage the power of information in your CRM to assist tailor these opportunities to the interests of your volunteers.

Integrate Visual Storytelling

A picture says a thousand words. As such, you must use imagery to attract supporters and tell the story of your mission. In addition to using images to form your organization’s story, you must build a visually appealing internet site to keep donors engaged.

With that said, images used correctly will have a far stronger impact than words when encouraging people to donate and join your organization.

Make Your Website Mobile-Responsive

These days everyone seems to be always on the go including your supporters. Optimize your non-profit website for mobile accessibility and capture donor interest on any device they choose to use.

To make your website mobile-friendly, you ought to avoid using large photos that need donors to scroll to find particular information.

Proper navigation is a key component of mobile-friendly websites. When viewing websites on mobile phones, especially with smaller screens, there’s limited space for dropdown menus or complex navigation with plenty of content. Simplify your mobile navigation so that only the essential information is obtainable.

Connect Your Site to Your Social Media

Expand reference to your supporters across all major social media channels. From your website, give them easy accessibility to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc to further increase engagement with your content. Integrating your major social media buttons into your website increases engagement and creates awareness.


Developing a website for your non-profit organisation is a crucial step to your organization’s success. Not only is it the place where donors will gravitate to once they want to find out more information about your cause, but it is also a place where supporters will contribute.

Design and optimize your website in a way that appeals to donors and, therefore, maximizes its fundraising potential.

You should follow these guidelines to make your website stand out from the crowd and win over potential donors, supporters or even volunteers. In addition, there are also some other factors that you may consider as well and at Pahappa, we will help you design and develop your website according to your needs as well as incorporate best design practices for your website.

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