What to Consider When Designing a Fashion Website

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– July 9, 2022

Fashion is one of the most highly visual industries in the world. If you’re considering developing a website for it, you already know that you’re entering a more than 3 trillion-dollar market. Two things are true in this market:

  • Appearances are everything.
  • Extreme competition.

The very first thing your customers want to do before deciding to purchase from you is the appearance of your unique fashion design. In the fashion industry, appearance is what compels a prospective buyer to purchase from you.  As website designers, we know that looks can awe your customers and make your products irresistible. A sloppy appearance, on the other hand, can kill your fashion brand before it even gets off the ground.

Apart from appearance, a fashion website design is also about style. There are tons of styles in fashion—Bohemian, Street, Chic, Ethnic, Artsy, and Sexy to mention a few. Your site should reflect the predominant styling of your products. Before you start, you need to understand that big, bold product images, slick videos, fast loading times, and a watery smooth checkout sequence are the bare essentials for any fashion e-commerce website.

With that said, let’s look at some tips you can use to design and develop an outstanding fashion website to help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Use high-quality images
  2. Focus on lead generation
  3. Create a loyalty program
  4. Build a clean layout
  5. Always highlight your brand
  6. Offer some discounts
  7. Make your website transparent
  8. Invest in sales pages

Use High-Quality Images

There is an old saying that what shows, sells. Nothing can be closer to reality when it involves fashion. Big, high-quality product photos attract your visitors and guide their eyes through your website. Feature stunning photos of your fashion products and use them to shape and focus your visitors’ visual navigation to guide their search.

Focus on Lead Generation

Most of your website visitors won’t buy your products the first time they come to your website. They will look around, leave, and (maybe) return. That’s the reason why it is advisable to grab their email addresses the moment they land on your page. It allows you to focus on them with email marketing, which has the very best ROI among all online marketing channels.

Create a Loyalty Program

Selling to your old customers is considered one of the most effective business strategies because it’s five times cheaper than selling to new customers. Successful brands have fan clubs or loyalty programs that they market through their websites aside from other channels and this is something you need to have in mind.

Build a Clean Layout

Clean and clear web design may be a common measure among the websites of famous fashion brands. A clean layout brings out the merchandise and styling while a cluttered design can confuse your visitors and increase the bounce rate. Many famous brands highlight just one product photo above the fold while others present multiple products in a very clear layout.

Always Highlight Your Brand

There’s no unbranded fashion nowadays, so it’s crucial to make a robust and famous brand. Your website is the best place to build your brand. Always ensure you feature your brand prominently on your website, so it’s visible at the first glance.

Offer Some Discounts

Fashion may be a highly competitive industry. That’s why some fashion websites offer discounts on their products. The aim is to retain visitors and discourage them from going to a competing website.

Make Your Website Transparent

You need to make it easy for your customers to know how you operate your business. A lot of buyers are interested in refund policies and product reviews. You should offer clear guidance on how to handle complaints that may arise from the purchase of your products. This creates confidence in your buyers whenever they purchase from you.

Invest in Sales Pages

All of your diligence and investment finally comes all the way down to the sales pages. You have come this far not to throw away your labour and money. This means that you ought to optimize your sales pages for conversion. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) could be a science and an art that aims to extend the sales for the identical number of visitors. In other words, CRO increases revenue without increasing the value. So, it creates a huge impact on your profits.

Scan the merchandise pages of top fashion websites, and you’ll see that they’ve tried their best to invest in those pages.


The Fashion market is a high-stakes, high-competition industry that depends on looks. That’s why the visual appeal is the very first thing that fashion website design must-have. But, it’s not the sole thing. A great fashion website design needs to also align with branding, style, and most importantly marketing strategy.

A fashion website should be able to generate more leads and deliver more sales for every income you spend on getting people to go to your website.

At Pahappa, we seek to understand your style to enable us to create a design that appeals to your audience without compromising the value of your output. Contact us today to bring your idea to life.

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