Top Tips on Building a Construction Website

Top Tips on Building a Construction Website

A high number of people look at a business’ online presence before engaging with it further and construction companies are no exception. Hiring a construction firm is a costly endeavor. This means that people are likely to be even more meticulous about their online research. The challenges of developing a construction website are immense, which […]

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

Even though people still access the internet from a desktop computer, mobile applications have become the go-to tool for information access over the internet. This is because mobile phones are easy to carry around as compared to computers. Having an application is one of the best ways to provide value to your clients and this, […]

How To Design A Professional Website For Your Company

Think of a company’s assistant or a business development executive that a company hires to work twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week with the sole aim of promoting a brand rather than focusing on its products and sub-products, this is essentially what a corporate website is about.  There is a wide variety […]

How Custom Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers

In our previous articles, we discussed the features of a good app and also dived deep into how you can use a mobile app to improve your brand identity. Unlike the more traditional media outlets namely; television, radio, and even computers, many Ugandans have their smartphone in their pocket wherever they go. This indicates that […]

What to Consider While Designing a Food and Beverage Website

It doesn’t matter how great your food, or service is, a poorly developed website can reflect badly on your business thanks to the belief that a restaurant’s website is reflective of the standard of the restaurant itself. A website is the face of your restaurant’s brand. It creates your potential customers’ first impressions and sets […]

Websites for large or small business

Here at Pahappa Ltd we are a professional website designer in Uganda. We design and develop SEO friendly websites at affordable costs. In today’s business environment, Organizations/companies, large or small need a website. A website has to turn out to be an essential tool in running a real business. Even when you are a large […]