Why We Are Right For Your Website Designs In Uganda.

Why We Are Right For Your Website Designs In Uganda.
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– June 6, 2019

Pahappa Limited is Uganda’s leading website design, Mobile apps design, Custom system Development Company focused on delivering quality system, web & mobile development that is result-oriented with guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Here at Pahappa we have been developing since 5 years ago, and we have gained a better considerate of how the website development works.

Free Maintenance Support

We are specialists, and we assure full support any time you need it. When you find a problem all you need is to inform us. We can even come over and that’s how personal we can get. Whether its code, functionalities, hosting or any other web-related issue. We’ll always be at your disposal.

Website Designs are Responsive

A responsive website means is the ability of that website to adapt to the screen size of any device that’s phones, tablets, and desktops. When the website is accessed on a smaller screen, it will help the visitor to understand whatever you are trying to communicate. We have done it on almost all our designs and promise to definitely add this functionality to yours too. Your website will display in the best form when on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and desktop computers.

Web Hosting

We have affordable web hosting, with world-class service. We guarantee 99% uptime with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

 Email Hosting

As mentioned earlier, we have world-class mail hosting. Free mail hosting will be given to employers to have personal emails.

Search Engine Optimization is inbuilt already.

SEO is the discipline of making websites or pages appear more often in search engines(Google, yahoo, bing, etc ). We make sure to merge your website with the essential needs and structure for search engines to find and index your website.

Digital Marketing

In relation to Search engine optimization, Digital marketing is one of the best ways to get you more customers. With digital marketing, It’s all about using the internet to get more customers and more sells for your products or services.


Our skills are best but not limited to WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and other platforms. We are able to work in almost every major platform and will surely take pleasure in guiding you to the right platform for you and your business.

Client Satisfaction

We want our clients to get what they want. We want you to have what you want from us. And that’s why we pay attention to detail given by clients. We shall present a working progress website every day, so you can review and judge what we have and talk about how we can improve it.



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