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Capture & track Leads, convert them to clients and get accurate forecasts. Forge strong relationship with your clients


Pahappa CRM offers the following functions


Improved Customer Relationships

Pahappa CRM helps you understand and cater to customer needs, leading to stronger relationships and higher satisfaction.


Enhanced Customer Service

Pahappa CRM helps you understand and cater to customer needs, leading to stronger relationships and higher satisfaction.


Increased Sales Efficiency

Pahappa CRM streamlines sales processes, leading to higher conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and increased revenue.


Effective Data Management

Pahappa CRM centralizes and organizes customer data for accurate insights and informed decision-making.


Improved Collaboration and Communication

Pahappa CRM facilitates teamwork and seamless communication across departments, improving customer service and workflows.


Strategic Decision-Making

Pahappa CRM offers insights for data-driven decision-making, leading to better strategies aligned with customer needs.


Pahappa CRM Software Modules

User account management involves creating user accounts, granting specific access credentials to users who require privileged access, and managing user roles and permissions for accessing folders and files.

Client management focuses on managing clients, their accounts, and the ongoing relationship between clients and the organization. This module records, stores, and organizes client information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Leads management is responsible for managing and tracking potential customers and their interactions with the organization. This module helps prioritize leads based on engagement or relationship level, assign leads to sales representatives, and set up reminders for follow-up actions.

The sales pipeline management module provides a visual representation of the sales process for the organization’s products or services. It encompasses all stages of the sales cycle, allowing users and clients to move deals through various stages, set up notifications and reminders, and track sales performance metrics.

The client communications module records and tracks all communications made with clients. It enables anyone in the organization to work with clients while referencing their previous communications, promoting collaboration and avoiding conflicts.

The ticketing and help desk module manages customer inquiries, complaints, queries, and support tickets. It includes features such as recording client queries, case tracking, assigning queries to the team, escalation management, and knowledge management. It provides customer service agents with access to customer data and history for personalized service.

  • Customized Reports

Customized reports are tailored to meet specific audience or organization requirements. They provide relevant and accurate information for decision-making, involving the identification of requirements, selection of appropriate data sources, and designing clear and concise reports with visual aids.

  • Alerts and Notifications Module

The alerts and notifications module sends timely and relevant messages to users, notifying them of important events, changes, or updates related to a system or application. Users can customize their notification settings based on their preferences.

  • Document Repository

A document repository is a centralized location where documents and files are stored, organized, and shared. It helps manage digital documents such as contracts, reports, and presentations.

  • Audit Logs

The audit logs module securely and tamper-evidently records all system activity. It maintains a detailed log of events, including user activity, system events, and administrative actions. It tracks changes to data, system configuration, and user access, aiding in security breach detection and investigation.

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